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Saturday, 12 January 2013

PumpSnap 3.0 Britstyle.

This is my second Pumpsnap, and its awesome. Its going to a good home.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Nerf Elite Pistols for the New Year

Hey Guys it's Thanimal here. I've picked myself up a few Elite pistols and I am very happy with them. I can say that I am no so crazy about the 3 original Elite blasters and my friends and I had many a talk about how if all the new elite blasters were like the Hailfire and just more elite copies, than Nerf was going to be heading down hill.
Since then however, Nerf has put out blasters like the Stryfe (which is becoming one of my favorites now) the roughcut and they are now remaking all the sidearms. Nerf has definitely stepped up their game and is putting out some pretty great blasters. Here are 2 of them. the Triad and the Firestrike:

Review of the Nerf Elite Triad

Review of the Nerf Elite Firestrike

Overall I am very excited about the new pistols that nerf is putting out much more than the bigger stuff at the moment. I still have yet to get my hands on a Strongarm but the review for that will be out as soon as I can grab one.